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 Fresh ingredients and 

 your favorite Italian dishes 

 Hand tossed pizzas with 

 fresh dough made daily 

 Traditional Italian dishes with 

 our 47 year old sauce recipe 

 Philly cheesesteaks, hoagies

 and more on fresh Italian rolls 

A little more about Frank's Pizza and Restuarant...


For more than thirty years Frank's Pizza and Restaurant has been one of Southeast Raleigh's best known secrets and family style eateries. We offer an array of Italian specialities and serve our specialty pizzas using our homemade crust and sauce that has all of our customer's raving.  We pride ourselves on offering a family style restaurant with high quality food and excellent service. Once you eat here, we gaurantee that you will come back and become a part of our family. 


"Frank's Rocks – This is definitely the best NY style pizza I have found so far in the Traingle. The crust is thin and tasty, the sauce is light and sweet, and the cheese is just right. Also, the cheese steaks are awesome. Bonus!We like it so much that we order one pizza to eat there, and one to take home that they will cook a little under done so it is perfect when you heat it up in the oven."--Doodlemac


"The Best! – I've lived in Raleigh all my life, and I've always thought that those other joints had the best pizza, ever! But I was wrong. It was my mom that turned me onto Franks. It was a place she constantly went to when she was younger. She bought me one slice and I was hooked! If you live in Raleigh, you need to pay a visit to Franks! It's convieniently located right off New Bern Avenue"--Luckiducki


"If you are ever in Raleigh for lunch or dinner and are looking for top flight pizza Frank's cannot be topped. You have to go to New York to find a pizza even remotely as good. They serve the best meatball sub I have ever eaten."--Ralph R. 

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